Futsal Rules Simplified

Laws of Futsal


Gateway Futsal will follow the United States Futsal Federation “Laws of the Game” with a few modifications.

Players :  5 players on the court, Four players and a goalkeeper.

Substitutions :  Substitutions may be made “on the fly” (while the game is in progress) from the substitution area next to the bench.  Goalie substitutions can also be made on the fly with field players.  Goalies must have opposite color on from his team or opponent.

Ball in, Out of play, Scoring :  just like outdoor soccer, the ball must be fully across the line to be out of play or to count as a goal.

Kick – ins :  When the ball goes out along either the touchlines the team regaining possession of the ball gets a kick in from the spot of the ball leaving the playing surface.

Player kicking ball in will get 6 seconds to enter ball into play.  Failure within time frame will result in turnover to other team ***Goals can be scored from direct kick ins……

Fouls :  All fouls will result in a direct kick from the spot of the foul. The opposing team may set a wall at their discretion.  Fouls resulting within the goalie box will be awarded a direct penalty kick where no wall can be provided and the kick will be from the designated penalty spot. Fouls from behind will be strictly enforced! NO slide tackles will be allowed.

Cautions, Ejections : same as outdoor.  If a red card is given the player’s team receiving the red card will play short a player for 2 minutes.

Offside: There is no offside

Goal kicks : after the ball crosses the end line the goalkeeper has the option to throw the ball out doing so by not leaving their goalie circle and the ball may not be thrown into the opposing team’s goal box if so this results in a free kick from HALF field.  The goalie may also place the ball at his feet and continue play from there as a standard goalie kick.

Game length :  The game is played in two equal halves with a running clock kept by the referee. 2, 22.5 minute halves with no overtime.  Half time will be allowed 2 minutes. Each team will be given 8 minute warm up prior to start of their game.

Goalkeeper Rules :  The keeper cannot dribble the ball into his own penalty area and pick it up. The keeper can never pick up the ball with hands when intentionally passed to them by a teammate, including from a kick.

Team Bench:  All players bags, apparel, water bottles must be placed outside the playing surface for the safety of the player.  Futsal balls will be provided for warm ups.