Gametime Sports Dodge Ball Tournament Fundraisers
Is your team, group or school looking for a great fundraiser that is easy,
and requires very little parent involvement and makes you up to
$2,000.00 in a 4 or 5 hour period?
Gametime Sports has been hosting dodge ball tournaments for two years
and has found it to be safe and fun and the best way to make money for
a team, school or group.
Here are the specifics:
• Tournaments last 4 to 5 hours. We host tournaments with a minimum
of 10 teams up to 24 teams. There are 8 players per team in our
tournaments. Teams can be made up of boys, girls, or coed and we
have had 6 yr. olds up to adults.
• Gametime’s facility uses four 30 ft x 60 ft courts which are either turf or
sports flooring. There is ample seating for spectators within the 20,000
court area and plenty of area to play in while waiting for your next
• Gametime supply’s the entire facility for your event, we supply the balls,
the referee’s and a coordinator. We will also design your brackets to fit
your needs. The balls are rhino skin balls (not like the rubber balls we
played with when we were kids). There is absolutely no parent
involvement other than getting your kids there. We have found that
kids are easily able to put teams together with their classmates, friends,
cousins or other sports teams.
• The cost per team is $160.00 or $20.00 per player. Gametime will split
the $160 entry fee per team for tournaments with 10 to 14 teams. For
tournaments with 15 or more teams, Gametime gives the group back
$100.00 of the teams entry fee. Therefore a tournament with 20 teams
will make the group $2,000.00.
•Outside food or drinks are prohibited as we have a concession stand
stocked with pizza, hot dogs, pretzel, nachos, and snacks along with an
assortment of drinks which includes adult beverages.
Book your event today. If you have any questions feel free to contact our
office at 636-477-3200 or email at